Illini Life has a team of dedicated, full-time staff. Each member of our staff has raised a support team through Reliant Mission. Reliant's mission is to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by mobilizing and resourcing missionaries in their local churches for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Reliant makes the work of I-Life happen.

We firmly believe the work of the Church is the responsibility of each believer; the staff simply facilitate the ministry we all do as a part of Illini Life. If you'd like to give to Reliant on behalf of one of our staff, please click their individual photo in the list below.

  • Nick used to work as a network engineer for the University before joining the staff team. He's been on the staff for a while now, and on campus even longer. His roles include pastoring, Fellowship captaining, IT management, and Small Group coaching. Nick loves to run, bike, and swim – usually all in a row, for insane amounts of time.

  • Rylee studied History and Secondary Education at the U of I. She interned with us as a student and joined staff in 2022 after graduating. Her roles include discipling students, coaching a small group, anchoring outreach events like our Free Coffee Tent, and running our social media. She loves reading, crocheting, and talking about Jesus over coffee.

  • Alan has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the U of I, worked in industry for a while, and has been on staff since 2010. He is our Small Group Director, a Fellowship Captain, and has a variety of roles both locally and nationally. 

    He’s married to Ashley and together they have 3 kids. He loves to talk about photography, sports (Go Pack Go!), and what makes people tick.

  • Ashley graduated from U of I and taught middle school English for 7 years. She is married to Alan, a new mama, and has been a longtime leader in Illini Life. She is passionate about mentoring and discipling student leaders, women's ministry, and energizing groups. Ashley enjoys home decor and organization, and quoting The Office

  • Michael is a senior studying financial planning but plans to pursue a career in ministry after graduation. He leads one of the small groups, runs workshops on hot topics in the church, and plays on the worship band. He loves people, cooking, energy drinks, board games, and fellowship (not necessarily in that order)

  • Tori Krantz INTERN

    Tori is pursuing a bachelors degree in chemistry, and plans to work in a lab after graduating. She leads one of the undergraduate small groups and helps with missional outreach. Tori enjoys reading, drawing, and baking.

  • Raad Najam  INTERN

    Raad recently got his B.S. degree in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering (NPRE) from Illinois. He is now pursuing a Masters where he researches nuclear propulsion applications in rocket and plans on also pursuing a seminary degree. Some of Raad’s current roles in Illini Life involve small group leading, event planning, and missional outreach. He enjoys movies, video games, and books. Raad is also a big  enthusiast for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons. 

  • David Ross  INTERN

    David is a graduate student in communication and media whose vocational journey has integrated teaching and encouraging others with a heart for ministry for most of his adult life. He directs the musical worship ministry and Sunday Crews, and can reliably be found within 50 feet of any gathering that includes coffee. David loves movies, games, golf, and philosophical discussions about whatever device you’re reading this on.