Foundations is a starting point with Illini Life. It is a discipleship experience rooted in Christ, knit in community, and launched into mission. We hope that Foundations will inspire you to follow Jesus and help you discern if Illini Life should be your church home on campus.

During Foundations you will:

• Experience God •

• Grow in your understanding of Biblical discipleship •

• Learn to understand and communicate the Gospel •

• Learn to clearly and effectively share your story •

• Discover and use your unique giftings •

We will be starting another round of I-Life Foundations sometime in October. Check back here for updates!


The City is a unique tool we use to keep people informed. It's a smaller-scale social networking tool and communications platform. It helps you keep in touch with everybody, and helps everybody keep in touch with you as your contact info constantly changes. It's the best way to stay in the know with Illini Life.

Ready to sign up? It only takes a few seconds to create an account and join some groups. And don't worry, your info is not viewable by everyone in the world, just your friends in I-Life.