Transparency on OUR PAST

Like all churches Illini Life is composed of broken individuals, sinners saved by grace. Sadly this means despite our desire to love Jesus and be His bride, we fail to do that well at times. When those failures come from the error, sin, or wrongdoing of leadership it leaves a wake of wounds in the church.

It is our desire to live as the people of God, shining light on sin, living in repentance, and clinging to grace. As a result we are committed to living transparently before others involving misconduct of any kind that happens in our midst when it involves church leadership.

Below you will find the official statements regarding the investigation into the leadership of Illini Life, specifically regarding former pastor Wayne Wager, that was conducted in the Fall of 2019. The findings of the third party investigation resulted in the removal of Wayne as a pastor and staff member in Illini Life, and the discipline of 3 staff members for instances of failures in their leadership.

The entire remaining Illini Life Staff Team has undergone training in identifying and understanding sexual harassment and responding to abuse allegations since the investigation was completed. Annual training on these topics are now mandatory for all missionaries with Reliant Mission (our missions agency). Additionally, those remaining staff members that were disciplined for their leadership failures have continued to cooperate, comply, and repent of their wrong doing.

As we strive to be a healthy church, we fall heavy on the grace of God and seek forgiveness from Him and all of you that have been harmed by our failures.

Please See Our Official Statements Below:

Illini Life Statement - December 2019

Illini Life Statement - March 2020