Welcome to ILLINOIS

You are here to begin a new thing. A new year. A new career. A new path. Something new.

God is all about renewal. From the creation all the way through to Revelation, God is seen renewing his people. We are invited to be renewed in Him.

As you start something new here in Champaign-Urbana (or is it Urbana-Champaign?), we'd love to help you. Help you become a deeper devoted disciple. Help you take your next spiritual step (no matter how big or small). Help you explore what you believe. Help you live out your calling. We'd love to be with you on this new journey.

We're a church on campus that is all about life with, like, and for Jesus. Over the next couple of weeks, we have events for you to engage with us. Some of them are easy spaces to drop by and visit (like our lemonade tables). Others are a chance to engage and see who we are and what we're about (a Small Group, Sunday Worship). Check out the calendar below for the events this week and for future events as well. You can add this to your calendar app as well, so you're up to date on what we've got going on.

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We hope that you'll embrace the new and we'd love to become your new church home, your new place to explore, or your new Christian friends that hand out coffee. We're happy you're here and can't wait to meet!

Updates to info on your flyer

We try to make sure our flyer has all the accurate information for our Welcome Weeks. However, there are often a few changes necessary each year as event details change. Here are updates to the flyer (they are reflected on the calendar if you subscribe as well)

~ Due to the extreme heat, we’ve canceled the sports and games outdoors this week ~

You can still join us Friday night at 8pm at our Ministry Center (502 E John upstairs) to celebrate the first week of classes